Press Comment: Bhangra Star Guru Randhawa’s pledge not to return to Canada after injury is a loss to thousands of Bhangra fans

Posted July 31, 2019
Written by Pranav Bhanot
Reports of an altercation between the world famous Bhangra artist Guru Randhawa and an audience member following a concert in Vancouver, Canada which left the superstar needing four stitches just above his right eyebrow has resulted in Guru pledging not to return back to perform in Canada.
At a time when Bhangra artists living in India are dominating the global Bhangra industry and the Punjabi film industry, Guru‘s boycott would be a massive blow to Canada, which has a large and vibrant punjabi community. 
Pranav Bhanot who is London based lawyer and Bhangra enthusiast says “at a time when music can be downloaded at little to no cost, music artists rely on their live performances to make a living. It is only right that such artists can do so in an environment which is safe and away from intimidation. Future generations of the Punjabi diaspora look to Bhangra artists as not just singers but representatives of their culture who are keeping the roots alive. Therefore, better safeguards should be put in place when artists tour and perform such that they do not return home needing medical treatment and criticising the country they have just performed in.”

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