Lord Ranger’s Peerage – Letter to Editors

Posted September 10, 2019
Written by Pranav Bhanot

10 September 2019

Letter to numerous editors congratulating Rami Ranger’s appointment to the House of Lords.


I was delighted to learn that Rami Ranger was today conferred a peerage to become Lord Rami Ranger.
The concept of the American Dream is well known. That the highest aspirations can be achieved by working hard. However, few speak of the British Dream which today has been manifested through the achivements of Lord Ranger. The Lord came to Great Britain as a refugee boy and started a business in 1987 with no more than a couple of pounds. The past 30 years has seen him win numerous Queen’s Awards whilst growing the Sun Mark Limited empire.
The Lord has been a ferocious champion of promoting British products both at home and abroad. During a trip to Gambia, I was surprised to see just how many supermarkets were selling Sun Mark Limited’s products which included a wide range of soft drinks. The Lord has not only championed British business but has also been a huge champion for stronger community cohesion and has often spoken of his vision of seeing a more representative British Parliament. Having followed Lord Ranger’s speeches over the years, he has taught me two key lessons. The first is that there is no shortcuts to success and consistent hardwork is necessary to achieve your dreams. The second is the importance of serving and representing the communities you live in. After all, Lord Ranger says “if you do not set the example, who will?” The Lord’s story is one from rags to riches. It shows the British Dream is very much alive and should be an inspirational example to all.
Cllr Pranav Bhanot



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