Get Me Elected. Practical Strategies, Tips and Tactics for Election Success

Are you an aspiring community activist or politician?

Do you want to make a positive change in your organisation or area?

Do you want to be a more effective public service or community leader?

If so, welcome to Get Me Elected, a book which provides strategies, tips and tactics to campaign and win elections. Whether you are a university student looking to run in your union elections, a member of a community organisation with your heart set on leading it, an employee looking to represent your work colleagues, an aspiring councillor hoping to improve your local area, or have your eyes set on being a Member of Parliament to make a difference to your country, this book is for you. This book covers a number of topics essential for every aspiring election candidate including:

  • How to be an innovative candidate
  • How to build a winning team
  • How to create outstanding campaign leaflets
  • The art of door-to-door canvassing
  • How to draft effective press releases
  • How to handle the press
  • How to prepare for debates
  • How to write a winning manifesto
  • How to get your supporters out to vote
  • How to deliver a powerful speech