Get Me Elected Leadership Network

I believe there is a real need and urgency for more diverse and talented community and public service leaders across the globe. I very much hope you put yourself forward to stand in future elections. Having been involved in campaigns to get myself and others elected, I believe there is very limited information, inspiration and guidance to support candidates through the election process.

I am enthusiastic to ensure there is an ongoing flow of information, guidance, strategies, tips and tactics to assist candidates across the world to stand in elections and to be better community and public service leaders. Reading this book is just the beginning, the real hard work starts from the moment you apply to be a candidate. Irrespective of your political allegiances or the type of election you intend to stand in, if you want to make a difference to your organisation or area, it is important you feel fully supported.

The Get Me Elected Leadership Network is a network of aspiring community and public service leaders who are committed to making the world a better place. Members of the network receive email updates containing;

1.    In-depth and more focused strategies, tips and guidance to enhance their chances of election success.

2.    Blog posts, interviews and webinars with successful and inspiring politicians, public service leaders, reformers, movers and shakers from across a number of industries.

3.    Exclusive invitations to online personal development and leadership coaching.

4.    Exclusive invitations and discounts to personal development and leadership events.

If you want to make a positive difference to your community, society, organisation or area, the Get Me Elected Leadership Network is for you.

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