Service to Humanity

Posted September 5, 2018
Written by Pranav Bhanot

On Boxing day last year, I was deeply saddened to receive the news that my nanaji (maternal grandfather) passed away. If there was one thing my nanaji taught me about my faith, it was that “service to humanity is service to God”. On reflection, there is no greater or more beautiful deed a human being can commit than to partake in serving and assisting indiscriminately their fellow human beings. Both my nanaji and my faith taught me that divinity exists in every human being regardless of colour or creed which is why selfless service or “sewa” played such an important part in his life and continues to play an intrinsic role in mine.

Within Redbridge, the rise in crime earlier in the year witnessed a renewed vigour in the way residents rallied together to serve each other. Initiatives set up by residents included the formation of WhatsApp groups, street based coffee mornings and even street patrols. In the face of adverse circumstances in the borough, Redbridge residents stepped up and took part in selfless community service. It is for this reason, I believe residents of the borough should be proud. As newly elected councillors in Redbridge take office, perhaps the key to improving an area is to facilitate residents feeling empowered to serve, support and strengthen the lives of each other. With  isolation, loneliness and mental health conditions becoming more common in communities, there is a strong case to be made for greater interaction and service among fellow human beings.

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